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Farm Rescue (Gleaning)

Still Good Food have been working with farmers to collect surplus produce direct from farms. This surplus is mainly due to the cosmetic criteria set by supermarkets and results in tonnes of perfectly good produce being wasted.  

We are able to go onto farms and collect (glean) produce from yards and/or direct from the field and bring it back into Bury St Edmunds to be redistributed into the community.  This enables us to not only supply our two shops with farm fresh vegetables but also a number of other local charities. 

Millions of tonnes of edible produce from farms is wasted every year in the UK and due to no fault of the farmers.  We are working in partnership with as many farms as we can to help reduce this and get this good food eaten instead of needlessly wasted.

If you are a farmer or you are interested in helping with our farm collections (gleaning days) please get in touch.

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